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Up Next: Get A Grip! What Are You Holding On To?

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Up Next With Kiona is Mia Ramsey. To say the least - Strong, Bold, Powerful, Advocate, her voice is heard across rooms. Born in Jackson, Mississippi, raised in midtown Kansas City MO, Mia is the only child born to James and Val Jean Easterling. Raised by her grandparents, William and Callie Robinson, after the fatal automotive accident of her mother at the age of 15, she has continued to triumph through tragedy. With a background in Communications/Public Relations, Mia uses her knowledge and love of people to relate to a multiplicity of people across the country.

Mia is the proud wife to Derrell Ramsey of 24 years and mother of their 2 girls, Taylor, 20 and Sydney, 13.  She is a Minister of Music and received her call to Minister the Gospel, as well as working as the Chief Administrative Assistant, Marketing Director and teacher at Kingdom Word Ministries and in recent months, has become the official Secretary to Gubernatorial candidate for Governor of the State of Missouri, Eric Morrison.

Mia will discuss with Kiona about how our community should emerge, how we have to be transparent in our needs and communicate those needs to one another without the fear of rejection or judgement. We all should be using our time wisely to collectively move forward and build each other up.

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