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Up Next: Ryan S. Harvey - Transformational Mindset

Up Next with Kiona is Ryan S. Harvey. Leading with his passion and purpose, Ryan has spent valuable time pouring into kids as a thought teacher at an alternative school in south Kansas City. He’s tackled some important things in his community like homelessness and child violence.

Ryan has had an adventurous upbringing. He knows how it feels to not try your best. Having lost all of his male role models and male family members at a young age. He knows what it feels like to doubt yourself and be scared to give it all you have because you don’t want to fail. He desires to show as many people as only he can, their potential, their power. He spent years searching for those things within himself. It’s taken him time (just like anyone else) to get to this point but with making personal development a priority, he has grown into his purpose.

Ryan will bring unmatched passion and wisdom to any workshop and conference. His life stories will keep you on the edge of your seat

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