Direct Resources

BXKC efforts will be used to support areas of professional development, civic engagement, and social awareness to individuals in each major industry in Kansas City. BXKC will be a hub of connections, resources, and information focused to close the economic wealth gap. Our core pillars of Strategic Retention, Professional Development, & Community Resource will create an ecosystem of equitable opportunities for our members. To provide data to governments, organizations, and corporations to better serve the community they occupy.

Professional Development

Based on an assessment of each member's goals BXKC will create a measurable timeline of the member's career path. Our resource partners and trusted members of Black Excellence will provide tools, events, and resources to aid our members in their career development.

Industry & Community Support


Based on the goals of the membership base BXKC will be a recruiting tool to fill equitable opportunities in the KCs workforce. We charge ourselves with being the hub of communication between black professionals and all major industries in Kansas City. To host educational conversations in the form of forums, seminars, and events to unify the black voice and encourage unified cultural development.

Coming Soon

entrepreneurship & Small Business


To better connect, develop, and retain black entrepreneurs and their businesses. Black Excellence has joined the Kansas City Black Business Coalition to provide a hub of resources to our community. This collective is focused to bring education, equitable opportunities, and collect data that will advance black entrepreneurs in our community. 

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